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Whether you're a publisher, government organization, non-profit or legal firm, if you have an interest in ensuring content originality, iThenticate is the solution for you.
- Chris Cross, General Manager, iThenticate

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plagiarism regularly

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Ensuring Writing & Research Integrity for:

50+ Million Documents Checked for Plagiarism

Compared to the following database items:


Scholarly articles, books, and conferences proceedings from
115,000 scientific, technical, and medical journals


Published works from journals, periodicals, magazines,
encyclopedias, and abstracts


Current and archived web pages

1 in 3 Scholarly Journals Has Access to iThenticate

to check for plagiarism before publication

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We are pleased to have found a tool that meets our scientific and legal needs, as well as being a good fit with our editors.
- Sarah McCormack, Editorial Manager
American Society for Nutrition

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